Quality Craftsmanship at Affordable Prices

Close-up of a house's beige vinyl soffit and white fascia under a clear blue sky.
Newly constructed house with stone accents and landscaping in progress.
Showcase of a gutter part.
Close-up of a building's roofline with gutters, window, and a sierra pacific windows sticker.

My name is Morgan Johnson. I’m the founder of Rockingham Gutter & Exterior.

I started Rockingham in 2023—after many years working in the landscaping and gutter businesses—and for one reason: the fun I had meeting and helping Virginia homeowners protect their property from the elements.

I’m also a homeowner myself. And because of that, I’m committed to providing quality work at fair prices. Well, that and a fun, easy contracting experience you’ll be happy to tell your friends about.

So if you’re in the Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Culpeper or Winchester areas and need a crew committed to excellence and open communication, reach out and let us know about your exterior needs.

And know that Rockingham is committed to establishing a reputation of honesty, high-quality work and fair prices. The crew and I would be honored to prove that reputation to you.

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